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Hidden Gems (Restaurants) Of New Smyrna Beach

We all know about the most popular places in New Smyrna Beach to grab lunch or dinner aka: The Garlic, Breakers, and Norwoods. Don't get me wrong, you should absolutely stop in these places during your visit or if you're moving to the area. They are the most popular for a reason after all. For this blog I though I'd take a minute to recognize some of the other amazing places to eat that many don't know about...  Breakfast/Lunch Spots 1. Bagel Barn  Bagel Barn is technically located in Edgewater, just a tad south of New Smyrna. Bagel Barn has certainly become a popular spot for locals and I've heard they may be opening a second location in New Smyrna so look...

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The Best Winter Park & Orlando Plant Shops

If you know me, you know I love plants. I love indoor houseplants that clean the air and also add to my decor. I love plants for creating beautiful landscaping. I love growing my own plants too; aka the veggie garden in my backyard. Plants are amazing in so many ways and whether yo've been in the Winter Park/Orlando area your whole life, or if you're new to living here, I think it's important to know what the best local plant shops are. I've personally visited, and have spent way too much money at all of these places...WORTH IT! 1. The Heavy  They have coined themselves as "Winter Parks Happy Place" and although I can't speak for all of Winter...

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