If you know me, you know I love plants. I love indoor houseplants that clean the air and also add to my decor. I love plants for creating beautiful landscaping. I love growing my own plants too; aka the veggie garden in my backyard. Plants are amazing in so many ways and whether yo've been in the Winter Park/Orlando area your whole life, or if you're new to living here, I think it's important to know what the best local plant shops are. I've personally visited, and have spent way too much money at all of these places...WORTH IT!

1. The Heavy 

They have coined themselves as "Winter Parks Happy Place" and although I can't speak for all of Winter Park, it is certainly one of my happy places. Not only will you find a wide variety of plants, you'll also find the most beautiful boho inspired home decor. They have stunning pottery for your plants, beautiful pieces of furniture, wall decor, and so much more. It's impossible to walk in and not feel inspired to re-decorate and/or add to your current home. I will say, the prices here at The Heavy are a bit high so if you're looking for a baragan you may want to wait to buy anything until they have a sale. 

2. Jungle Room by BHW Plant Co. 

Located off Edgewater Dr, in College Park, this plant shop focuses not just on plants but education as well. Every time I go to the Jungle Room I'm pleased to see a plant I haven't come across before. In the past an employee mentoned to me that their plant restock day is on Thursday morning. I usually stop in on Thursday afternoons, that could be why I get to see the shelves fully stocked and options that usually sell out quickly. Can't make it in on a Thursday? No problem, the Jungle Room sells their plants online! I love that they do this because you'll have plenty of opportunity to read about your plants and its care needs before you add it to your cart. They also offer what they call "The Garden Club" and the more you spend, the more reward points you can earn. These points in turn will result in $ off your next purchase. 

3. The Gift Guru

This adorable and quaint plant shop was originally supposed to be an event company and then the pandemic hit. Obviously events weren't exactly a thing for a while, so they shifted their business concept to selling plants! Thank goodness they did, not just for themselves, but for me, you, and the rest of the community. The Gift Guru is located in the Conway community off Curry Ford. They have some of the best prices for plants that I've come across. I recently purchased a large Ficus Burgandy (Rubber Tree) and it is the most beautiful plant. I had been wanting one but couldn't seem to find one for a good price, until I walked in to The Gift Guru. They also have an outdoor section where you can find plants that are already acclimated to the outdoors should you be looking for some plants for your patio. One of my personal favorite features this shop offers is Tom. Tom is a beautiful and rather large cat that makes himself comfortable in between the plants. He is easily he most friendly cat I've ever met. If you stop by, be sure to give him a bell rub from me, he loves that! 

September 19, 2022 — Victoria O'Day