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Victoria O'Day Orlando Real Estate Agent. Buy Central Florida homes
I was born and raised right here in Orlando. For the most part I grew up in my grandparent’s home located in the Conway community with my two younger brothers, Ryan and Joey. I attended and graduated from Boone High School where many of my family members graduated from, including both of my parents. Throughout high school I worked part time in the restaurant industry and after graduating rather than going off to college right away I decided to work full time.

A couple years after working full time I made my way to college, obtaining an A.A. degree from Valencia Community College, and then transferring to the University of Central Florida. It was in my third year of college that I realized I wasn’t studying or working towards what my real goals were or what my true passion was. I had known for quite some time that I wanted to dive into the real estate industry but I had been told time and time again that, “It’s too difficult to become a successful real estate agent, there’s already so many agents out there”, or “Being commission-based-only is too risky, you should finish college and get a job that provides a steady paycheck”. Though I appreciated and understood where a lot of this was coming from, continuing on that path simply wasn’t for me. I realized that I’d rather struggle every day doing something that I love, than be comfortable doing something I didn’t enjoy. In March of 2018 I decided to leave college and go to real estate school.  
I always knew deep down that I wasn’t a sales person but I always enjoyed helping others. The joy and the excitement that I could envision after helping someone find their dream home and navigating that process with them is what made any doubts or fears vanish. I knew that if I was always myself, which is someone that is honest and trustworthy but also someone who has an excellent work ethic and is driven to see results that I couldn’t go wrong.
On my very first day as a Realtor a close friend referred a client to me and within the first week I had my first official listing on the market. Since then I’ve helped many people sell or buy their home and it’s been the most incredible and rewarding journey. It’s been a privilege to have gained the trust and loyalty of all my clients and I hope that you’ll give me the opportunity to do the same with you.

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