Today, we'll explore the worlds of interior design in the Northeast versus Florida. While both regions have unique styles, we'll focus on infusing a touch of Florida's rich history into your home without going overboard. 

Northeast Elegance vs. Florida Flair:

In the Northeast, classic elegance takes the spotlight. Picture cozy, traditional interiors adorned with antiques and warm, rich hues. Florida, on the other hand, dances to a different beat. It's all about embracing vibrant colors, natural textures, and the laid-back coastal lifestyle.

Color Palette:

The Northeast tends to favor deep, earthy tones, creating a timeless atmosphere. In contrast, Florida's palette is a celebration of sunshine and sea, with bright hues like turquoise, coral, and citrus-inspired shades dominating the scene. To strike a balance, consider incorporating pops of Florida's signature colors through accent pieces or artwork.

Natural Elements:

Both regions appreciate natural elements, but their execution differs. In the Northeast, you might find mahogany furniture and dark wood accents, while Florida leans towards light, airy materials like rattan, bamboo, and reclaimed wood. To authentically capture Florida vibes, opt for furniture with a coastal, weathered look, bringing the outdoors in.

Historical References:

To infuse a touch of Florida's history into your home without going too far, seek inspiration from the state's diverse cultural influences. Spanish, Caribbean, and Mediterranean styles have all played a role in shaping Florida's architectural and design landscape. Integrate subtle nods to these influences through artwork, textiles, or architectural details to pay homage to the state's heritage.

Avoiding Overdoing It:

Ah, the fine line between Florida charm and overdoing it – it's all about balance. Skip the oversized flamingo lawn ornaments and opt for more sophisticated nods to local wildlife and foliage. Incorporate tasteful, nature-inspired elements like botanical prints, seagrass rugs, or wicker furniture to capture the essence of Florida without tipping into excess.

Embracing Open Spaces:

One thing both regions share is the appreciation for open, airy spaces. In the Northeast, it's about grand, formal rooms, while in Florida, it's all about creating flow and connection with the outdoors. Consider incorporating large windows, sliding doors, and light, sheer curtains to let the Florida sunshine flood your space!

- Emma

February 03, 2024 — Emma Jones